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Pool Inspections

Home inspections are a standard and important step in purchasing a home. A professional is usually hired to check out the plumbing, electrical, and engineering with a fine toothed comb to ensure the home is good.

When purchasing a home with a pool, the same attention must be given to the pool. You can trust our experts at Coastal Pool Concepts to give you a thorough check-up since we know pools.

Below are the areas the inspector will look at:

  • Fence and gate leading into the pool area. We ensure the barrier meets Florida standards.
  • Decking around the pool. We look for cracks and trip hazards.
  • Pool construction. We calculate the size of the pool and look for structural problems.
  • Pool surface. The interior of the pool, or plaster, should be inspected for racks and staining. When needed, we refer work to our sister company, Cox Pools.
  • Tile and grout.  Our inspectors look for racks, a major area where pool leaks can start. cracks.
  • Jets functioning.
  • Main drain covers and other safety equipment, such as handrails and ladders.
  • Pool level. We inspect to ensure the pool hasn’t floated or sunk.
  • Pool equipment including the filter, pump and heaters.

We can also work with insurance adjusters and claim specialists to handle claims related to in-ground pools and spas. Some of the pool & spa inspections involve:

  • Hurricane (wind and flood) damage
  • Soot and ash in the pool
  • Fire damage
  • Cracking plaster
  • Earthquake damage